Now booking for 2024!

Updates: We are back open. Weekly appearances at Weenie Wednesday @Transport Brewery in Shawnee, KS. from 5-9pm! Booking dates for 2024, but many are filling up fast. If you would like us for the season at your brewery, winery, sporting event, parade, or graduation party, booking early is your best bet to ensure we can cook for you!

About us: Our NYC ultralight hybrid food cart takes up a much smaller footprint than a traditional food truck or trailer we can usually fit our entire cart in a 12×12 space, allowing for locating the food right where the people are congregated at backyard parties, camping festivals, farm markets, HOA’s, pool parties, or private events. We can get in, make a delicious meal for your guests and serve it on location quickly. We are completely self contained with propane and a super-quiet inverter generator for electricity when needed.

Why Hot Dogs? The hot dog during my childhood was really elevated to an art form with all manner of creations to be found: Deep fried Texas Wieners, “dirty water dawgs”, grilled and split dogs on a ciabatta roll with potatoes and onions — I loved them all. From the humble caseless Nathan’s frank to the thinner and spicier Sabrett’s with that all natural casing that snapped when you bit into it. Topped with spicy mustard, sauerkraut, grilled onions, chili, cheese, and more! This is what I missed and wanted to bring to this area.

Shave Ice – Our Hatsuyuki shave ice machine can make frozen concoctions ranging from snowcones to fluffy Hawaiian Shave Ice. We currently offer up to 34 flavors including two sugar free options for diabetics, and 3 flavors without any dyes. Our current shaved ice options are listed on the Menu page. A refreshing treat for your next HOA pool party or private event. Hot dogs and cold drinks are only made better with the addition of our shaved ices!

Stadium Pretzels – Soft warm pretzels with salt or our everything bagel seasoning mix. Paired with either nacho cheese dipping sauce or mustard, a warm pretzel makes your meal the perfect combination with our dogs, sausages, and cold drinks.

Ice Cold Bottled Sodas – I grew up a few blocks away from historic Brookdale beverages in Northern New Jersey and remember bottled sodas in every conceivable flavor and color. I grew up drinking Lemon-Lime soda, Watermelon sodas, Birch Beer (an east coast classic), Root Beers, and more. We have added new bottled sodas to our lineup featuring Mexican Coca Cola, Fitz Root beer, Jarritos Mandarin, Limon and Tamarind sodas too. All our bottled sodas contain no Corn Syrup, only 100% cane sugar. We can taste the difference and we know you will too!

Amazing Hot Sauces and Condiments – We love quality ingredients because the flavor is always better when you start with good produce, sauerkraut, pickles, and hot sauces. We love hot sauce, so we always have a large variety of them to top your brats, sausages, and all-beef dogs with.

Food Allergies, Vegetarians & Vegans: We have a delicious vegan sausage on the menu! Gluten free buns? No problem! Finally there will be a food cart where you know you’re covered no matter what! I come from a family with food allergies, plus my wife has Celiac disease so she can’t eat gluten – so this concern is near and dear to my heart. I also have many vegetarian and vegan friends, so I wanted to provide an option for all of them to also enjoy delicious food on this cart.

Thank you for the opportunity to feed you, I won’t disappoint!

-Scotty C.
Small Kitchen, Big Flavors